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On-Line Ministerial Training and Grandmother Wisdom

- Are you a natural mentor?
- Do you love to be of service?

You can become a Minister of Prayer.

Explore the Center for Sacred Studies Ministry Training Program, a unique curriculum including indigenous spiritual practices and earth-based ways of prayer. On-line classes begin May 1st, each year.
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JyotiBecoming a Minister of Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies (CSS) prepares one to assist others as they move through the many transitions of life. Directed study creates the opportunity to explore specific methodologies, practices, theories, traditions, beliefs, scriptures, and philosophies, as well as allowing for the integration of individual spiritual experiences. In addition to developing the skills and knowledge to act as a support to others, this process is designed to enlighten an individual's practice of worship and daily living—for the purpose of living life as a “walking prayer”.

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Individuals who successfully complete the course of training can be ordained as a Minister of Prayer, and will be qualified to conduct ceremonies, facilitate study groups, and mentor others in the process of spiritual unfoldment unique to each individual.

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