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Ministry Program

Ministers of Prayer are qualified to offer spiritually based guidance, counsel and support to individuals, groups, families, and communities regarding issues as diverse as birth, death, marriage, spiritual crisis, and the spiritual dimensions of healing. Ministers can also empower others, through awareness and clarity, to create and experience a state of peaceful well-being in their everyday lives.

Program of Study

The Ministry of Prayer program comprises a global learning circle that offers two years of instruction. Students attend the virtual school to complete one module per month, for 22 months.

A module consists of virtual video and audio instruction from a Master Teacher renowned in the specific area of study; a study group and student interaction in a chat room; assigned reading; applied practice exercise; student reflection paper; wisdom from the voice of an Elder Grandmother; a mentor connection; and dialogue with Jyoti, CSS Spiritual Director.

In addition, students participate twice a year in a day-long Breathwork workshop, and gather for an end-of-year retreat at Wildwood Retreat Center—a spiritual retreat center in the redwoods north of San Francisco.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for the full two-year course are $5000-$5500 (in U.S. dollars), depending on when you apply. Classes begin on May 1 of each year.

Per year, the cost is $2500-$2750 USD, depending on when you apply. Tuition and fees can be paid yearly, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Upon acceptance, a $500 USD deposit fee is required, which is non-refundable.

Room and Board for the yearly 5-day retreat may vary: it was $550 USD in 2012..

Breathwork fees depend on the facilitator and the location, and average $160-$200 USD, due upon check in. Transportation expenses and study materials are not included.

In order to receive ordination, all tuition and fees due must be paid by the end of the second year.

How it Works:

Student Monthly Requirements

Module – Virtual Instruction and Study Group (3+ hours)
Master Teacher audio/video Instruction (1.5 hours)
Applied Practice, i.e. meditation (30 minutes)
Assigned Reading (variable)
Student Interaction
Integrative Interview and Q&A’s in the chat room (1 hour)
Reflection Paper assignment (1 1/2 to 2 pages in length)
Elders Corner (45 min.)
Elders audio/video instruction (45 minutes)
Peer exchange in the chat room (optional)
Dialogue with Jyoti (1 hour)
Interaction in the chat room (1 hour)
Mentor Connection (monthly or bi-monthly, 45 minutes)
Connect with mentor on phone (45 minutes)

Yearly Activities

1 five day annual intensive retreat at Wildwood, from Thursday evening to Monday noon. The fee for the annual retreat (not included in MTP tuition) can vary: it was $550 in 2012.
Breathworks (Maitri, Holotropic, etc.)
Two full day Breathwork sessions, offered at various locations. $160-$200/session, depending on the facilitator and the location.